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  1. Good morning. Yesterday morning I saw that the Home Depot in ElPaso, Texas has your flexible 100 watt panels for sale. I have been looking for a place to get flexible panels in Far west Texas, and in a few hours, I'm going to check out the panels, to buy one or two.
  2. HOW can I add a photo of myself from my computer to the photo thumbnail, on my profile page?
  3. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    Go to profile page.
    Click avatar picture or box at top left.
    Options will show up .
    Then you can upload picture to CUSTOM AVATAR.
  4. Thanks Tom, I was in a location where the Cell signal was somewhat sketchy, and I couldn't get the photo to load. Your response to me, assured me that I was dong it right, and that it was my location, that was the limiting factor. Where I live, is in an area where there is only one cell tower within 40 miles, we are seriously remote. I can usually get online two or three days a week. The photo is of me when I was at a fuel stop at an airport that has been closed for years after This photo was taken.
  5. It now turns out that the panels Can Not be purchased at the store, and they can not even be ordered from the store, they must be ordered online, and then they can be shipped to the store, where I can pick them up. We shall see, later this week.

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