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Discussion in 'Start here' started by kvusmc, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. kvusmc

    kvusmc WindyNation Engineer

    Thanks for welcoming Me what is Best 500 Watt wind turbine for Low Low winds 5 to 10 for the average Thanks kvusmc From Chesterfield Virginia wind zone 1
  2. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    Hi kvusmc,

    Welcome to the forum. I will just tell it to you straight. We would love to sell you a wind turbine but if you only have 5-10 mph average wind speeds, there is not a wind turbine in the world that is going to give you any significant power. When you say 5-10 mph, I take that to be an average of 7.5 mph wind.

    Using a wind turbine with a 60 inch diameter blade set, you can expect to see ONLY 10 Watts in 7.5 mph wind! With an 80 inch diameter blade set (the size we use on our wind turbine), you can expect to see around 18 Watts!

    Now, if you have 14 mph average wind speeds, it is an entirely different story. With a 60 inch diameter blade set, you can expect around 66 Watts. With an 80 inch diameter blade set you can expect to see around 120 Watts. You can definitely see more power than those numbers but those are conservative, realistic numbers. You might see 85 Watts for 60 inches and 160 Watts for 80 inches but that is under very good (clean wind) conditions with a well optimized wind turbine.

    You are probably much better off going with solar panels. Maybe you want to check out our Suntura Solar Tracker :D
  3. kvusmc

    kvusmc WindyNation Engineer

    Thanks Windguru I have tried several Wind Turbines I have almost 1K of solar I would like to Get a windturbine to produce Power at 6 mph would be nice I had an air breeze 200 watt & MSW 800 watt These units take at least 10 mph wind to produce Thanks for writing Back
  4. Minnesota

    Minnesota WindyNation Engineer


    So there you have it. The Truth.

    We're sad you were sold a bill of goods on that 800w unit. You were ripped off by MWAS like many have been including some here. MWAS advertises that unit on ebay to do 250w at 15mph, over 400w at 20mph, and 1500w at 35mph. I bet you know this is 10x what it really does. He totally fabricates his numbers. Incredible. He needs to be called out and shut down.

    You should demand to get your money back.

    Windy Nation publishes a verified power chart and rates their units at 600w at 28mph (Windtura 500) or 800w at 29mph (Windtura 750), and shows what they do at lower wind speeds. They have the test videos to prove the numbers, so no BS here.

    If you can't put up a taller tower, maybe a Suntura would be a good addition to your system, and fun too!

  5. kvusmc

    kvusmc WindyNation Engineer

    Thanks Minnesota for you feed back Man I needed that I just want a a windturbine Thats Going to work Good atleast 6 mph I dont to spend to much Because I think everyone is really Just testing the units to see what works for them :)

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