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  1. Nice to be a part of this community!
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  2. Yes it is nice to be part of the group, name here is rockysolarguy who needs lots of help
  3. I have a small wood shop in the woods, to far from electricity to use. I am trying to set up a solar system with 4 - 100 watt wn panels. This is backed up with a 3200 watt generator to charge 4 group 27 marine batteries all 4 are new. My first question: The info has told me to wire the batteries to the charge controller with 2/0 wire, now how do you put 2/0 wire in a #10 connector. Thanks rockysolarguy
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    Welcome aboard, your batteries shouldn't be connected directly to anything other then each other then a fused disconnect. Your charger and inverter connect to the disconnect. For extra safety your charger should have an extra fuse (breaker) connect between it and the disconnect as well as between it and your panels.
  5. I have a 40 amp fuse connected in series with the #10 wire coming from the panels. Next the red wire continues to the plus at the charge controller with the black wire going to the minus terminal at the controller. I believe the next thing is to run two wires a red & black to the batteries. What size wire do you recommend to go to the batteries from the charge controller. Thanks for your help rockysolarguy.
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    The wire length is what is important both from your panels to your charge controler and from it to your batteries. The heavier gauge you use the more power gets to your batteries. Same goes for batteries to inverter however this run should be kept to under 5 feet with fused disconnect. Large welding cables should be used to go to inverter.

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