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  1. 1OldMiner

    1OldMiner WindyNation Engineer

    Here is a couple pictures of my Charge Controller set up. This is just a mock up to make sure I get it right. But as you can see the Charge Controller is fried. As soon as I installed the 1 amp fuse between the Charge Controller and the battery it popped the led and melted them, that's what all the black on the controller is.
    Admin is looking to see what I did wrong. But I sure can't find anything..
    Thank You all for any help, I want criticism or at least critique it.

    PS: If you look you will see a empty wire connector on both the positive and negative posts those are leads for the battery. Also you can see a 20 amp inline fuse holder going to a on/off switch, that is a emergency shut off switch for my electric hydro pump. it has nothing to do with the system and is only a break in a power line to the pump.

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  2. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    Well, damn do I feel stupid. That is not a WindyNation charge controller.

    But we did send you a WindyNation charge controller for free with the diode you purchased from us because I assumed you were telling the truth. Well, at the very least, I think you thought you were telling the truth.
  3. 1OldMiner

    1OldMiner WindyNation Engineer

    Wait this isn't your controller? I really thought every thing I have purchased was from you. I will buy yours no problem and I am very sorry for this. I will have to check to see. I honestly thought I had purchased it from you. I was using the directions from page 2 of your Shopping pages for the directions and matched them to the paperwork sent with the controller.
    I also feel even stupider now blaming your product when it isn't yours.
    As soon as your controller gets here I will PayPal for the unit, no problem.
    Thank You
    PS: does the wiring look good or not?
  4. 1OldMiner

    1OldMiner WindyNation Engineer

    Hi again, your right. It's from PowerPlanted but all the directions and manuals are the same. Wiring diagram are the same they seem to be the same product except for the color of the cover. I feel terrible about this and will get your PayPal to you. Can you PM me and let me know the total I owe you.
  5. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    John is the WindyNation electrical engineer. He also has a different company called Powerplanted. While the Powerplanted charge controller and WindyNation charge controller are similar, they are not identical.

    Your WindyNation charge controller should arrive very soon. I think you should try to clean up your wiring because it is hard to tell what is going on. You can e-mail your wiring pictures to
  6. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    Not sure but check the diode wiring it does not look right.
  7. 1OldMiner

    1OldMiner WindyNation Engineer

    There is no diode in line yet. That wouldn't have caused the controller to fry would it? If so then it is my fault. The diode should be here in the next few days, I did buy one from WindyNation but not when I fried the unit. The main thing that bothered me is the battery was less than half charged but as soon as I put the 1 amp fuse in line the controller started smoking and melting. The hydro unit was not hooked up to the system so no power was going through the system. It was just to set up to set the charge codes, Maybe I jumped the gun and tried to set things up too fast. But now knowing it wasn't a Wendy charge controller that makes me feel better, but it still doesn't explain how the units look the same and the installation directions are the same drawings and set up is the same but they are different. I am so confused.......
  8. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    It does not really matter what the state of your battery is, as long as it still has some juice in it. These low voltage batteries are designed to be able to deliver very high amperage at low volts.

    It is the amps that fried the controller, not the volts and there is plenty of available amps in a deep cylce type battery. There are three possibilites that I can think of that would send that much current through the controller.

    (1) Reversing the polarity on accident (hooking positive to negative and negative to positive)

    (2) Hooking up the relay completely wrong which could send direct battery current to the controller

    (3) Shorting something out which sends wide open current through the controller

    When you hook-up the new controller, these are three things I would pay special attention to.
  9. 1OldMiner

    1OldMiner WindyNation Engineer

    Thank you for your help. Right now for the mock up I am just using a standard 12 volt car battery, not a deep cycle but still able to put out enough amps. I will follow all the suggestions you mentioned. I still haven't heard from the other company yet about their controller. I will have more pictures of my system by the end of the week. I will also be paying for the new controller you sent, today.
  10. 1OldMiner

    1OldMiner WindyNation Engineer

    If you can talk to John please ask him to return my emails. I have been trying to get with him on the controller from him. I looked at his wiring instructions page and it shows the red lead goes two places that doesn't seem right but if you look at the instruction page for the 40 amp controller step 3 shows the red wire from the controller to a fuse then to the positive post on the battery then step 4 shows to attach the red wire to the 86 pin on the relay. If this is right then my system was wrong, I just followed his direction. But anyway this is not your problem.
    I just thought if John is your electrical engineer then you might be able to talk to him about his instructions.
    Thank You
  11. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    John has been out of town for the last couple of days. He gets back on Monday and will probably respond to you then.

    You should already have received our charge controller.
  12. 1OldMiner

    1OldMiner WindyNation Engineer

    Thank You for your help. I have not received the controller yet but our post master has been home with the flu for a couple days. We live in a big town of 900 population, everybody knows everybody. So when he gets back to work tomorrow it should be there.
    Thanks Again

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