Help with the P20L

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Murphy Slaw, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. I'm getting an error I don't see in the P20L manual.

    The LCD display is showing the solar panel and then the arrow to the battery, and the battery is empty and flashing, and that's all, no right arrow, and no lightbulb. The digital reading for the battery voltage is working, and the inverter is still powering the little air pump, but I'm guessing the battery isn't charging anymore, there is no right arrow, or load lightbulb. (which would be the low voltage protection state, correct?)

    What happened?

    Did it go into low voltage protection even though the voltage was good?

    Could my settings have changed themselves to put it in low voltage protection?

    Is the battery developing a problem, yet still be working?

    I'm a super novice, be kind.......
  2. Never mind. I got it !

    I unplugged both fuses (panel / battery) plugged the battery fuse back in, cycled through the cycles and plugged the panel fuse back in and it's back to normal.

    Still don't know what happened though.....

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