Hats off to a Windy 500

Discussion in 'Windtura Generators' started by murray2paddles, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. murray2paddles

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    One major storm is all it takes to reinforce why I am taking the time to set up and use my Windy 500.
    Our area is semi remote and we just recently have been hit with major storms. Tremendous rain falls & finally what we all fear " hydro grid lines knocked out "
    All residents of our area were left in the dark, food spoiling, no communication etc.
    We live at the base of a rock ridge so when it rains the run off lasts for days at a time and the basement sump runs approx every 2 minutes to empty.
    Our house seemed to be the only bright light[,
    Our Windy 500 feeds a 1030 amp hr. battery bank feeding a 3000 - 6000 watt inverter with three outlets.
    Just a matter of using hydro when required and we never lost a beat.
    Cooking, micro wave, toaster, coffee, TV, sump pump, computer.
    Just sitting back acting smart. (for a change)

    On the down side, my other two towers , a windy test 750 and a Presto 80 both feed gird tie inverters so when the grid is down so are they.
    Good when they are working but let me tell you a feeling of what value when they are not !

    Anyways to all our Windy buddies, we are doing the right thing for the right reasons.
  2. BeachBum

    BeachBum WindyNation Engineer

    Wow Murray,
    It's great to know your system will work in a pinch. I'm just sorry you had to deal with the hassle.

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