Hard work finally paying off

Discussion in 'Post Your Photos' started by bluejay, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer

  2. dlmcbm

    dlmcbm WindyNation Engineer

    Tell me about it... I am just waiting for cash flow. nice work.
  3. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    Happy for you. :D :D :D
  4. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer

    I will be testing a 500w WN pma with 11 of the black "sword" like blades soon. Direct drive... They always spun the windblue very fast but were alittle loud... I have one tower right next to the house that will only see a small(light) direct drive unit but If the noise is a factor will prolly end up with some wind grabbers on it....

    Thank you everyone for support and info that you guys have taught me when needed. :) :p
  5. Minnesota

    Minnesota WindyNation Engineer

    You're a like a determined pitbull! :D

    Well done man.
  6. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    Yes. Well done!

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