Grounding for Shed

Discussion in 'Start here' started by ParadoxMike, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. I am planning to install a solar off grid setup to power a 10x14 shed that is remote from the house. Will be using P30L controller and 1500-12M inverter, a 100w panel and a 12v deep cycle battery.

    I have seen conflicting information on the Web (what a shocker, I know) about the need and methods for grounding this type of system.


    BTW: I'm new to the Forum and to solar power. Have reasonable basic knowledge of electricity and circuitry.


  2. Andy R.

    Andy R. WindyNation Engineer

    I would ground it. Why not. I just looked at the owner's manual for the inverter and it said to do so. Should make things safer.
  3. Tuicemen

    Tuicemen Solar Guru

    Grounding not only is a safety thing but also helps protect your investment.
    It will not help with a direct lightening strike (nothing will) however a lightening arrestor or 2 in the mix will help with that but not without proper grounding.
    The cost of a extra piece of wire, rod (or plate), and a lightening arrestor could save you hundreds and your life.

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