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Discussion in 'Connecting to the Grid' started by bluejay, May 7, 2010.

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    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has info on these grid ties from china that are FLOODING our market.Tons are selling on ebay every week!Talk about a great work at home adventure BUT I am hearing chatter that electric companies can shut you off because these are not UL listed..

    Get off your arse Government and get these approved for America to generate its own power.Does anyone know the truth besides hear say? I have 4 80 solars and one wind generator with many more going up. I have already bought 1200w worth of these inverters and see myself within a year having enough solar and wind that my bill will be close to gone..This will raise eyebrows at the power company..Will they inspect and threaten to shut down?

    America wants me to help with our energy concerns so I forsee lawsuits if we are told to stop.I understand the island protection and ensuring our power companies workers are safe but we have to have a way to generate money and electric from home...Any info on america getting these proven safe?
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    Good topic
    Other talk forums I have visited in regards to grid tie had a very common thread. Many persons within the USA were having bad experiences with their power grid suppliers. It seems these power grid co. were not giving them a proper reading, not living up to a payback agreement, or just discouraging the home owner to be involved.
    I have a note out to one of my gid tie suppliers to update me on REAL TIME info on where his co. is at the present with US and Can.
    I live in Manitoba Ca. & when I contacted our grid utility ( Manitoba Hydro) those employees told me not to get involved with a home solar project as it would never payback on the investment and 2nd reason was that hydro development was their business not mine !
    So I did what I had to do, Did not include them and moved ahead with my projects with no plan on developing an agreement with them on payback for excess hydro. I just wanted to supplement what I was using & contribute to green energy in my own way.

    Bottom line seems to be each State and Province seems to have their own regulations and even when you do meet those standards does not ensure you will have smooth sailing. Strange part is , I am not sure if it is the CO. themselves who are putting up the roadblocks or employees within these co. who are enjoying a power and control over others and to ensure their own employment security.

    I agree with you on everyone doing something to help our planet.

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