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    If you are using any of the Sun G or China type grid tie inverters or an an Enphase GTI system without the EMU unit sold by Enphase. I have found and can suggest a few good A/C only power monitors to use that are cost effctive for wind or solar that have CT clamps. Considering we are charged from the utility compnay by kW hours i thought this would be a good post to help people show how to monitor their solar or wind on this type of scale for the AC side only.

    1. The Envi unit is made by Current Cost.This is the current system i use along with an Inspeed wind meter to track my power from the wind.

    2. TED 1100 or TED 5000

    Their are other Home Energy type monitors to use for the AC side, the TED 1100 and the Envi are the two i have tested and use. I use the TED for my solar usng Enphase inveters and the Envi for my wind. The Envi and TED do have a usb connections for a PC hook up as well as the wind meter by Inspeed. Here is a screen shout of how i see things and how i can evaluate my wind producion. All of these sites have free programs downloads that work with their units.
    a little hard to see but th idea is i use the time frames from the wind meter as it updates every second, match those times with my power times (top right at 114w) and i can get an idea of what is going on with my power production. ther aare many way to do this but i thought i would share this particular one.This is a great system if you are at work all day and want to see some data after you get home or just track. This program one updates the graph every two minutes or so. Please see the web sites for more information on many other programs for power loggin on your PC you to use.

    I beleive all or some of these also offer a link for a smart phone to your PC somehow.

    -Inspeed wind meter

    -A nice weather forcast channel

    -A nice wind forcast channel

    - PC program for the screen shot below (free web based system)

    - PC programs offered from Envi-Current Cost

    -TED-Energy Detective

    - Watts up meter

    All information is listed on these links. Other links may sell the same product so shop around.

    wind data.jpg
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  2. I had seen the TED on Minnesota’s movie. I looked it up and it should work with what I am doing. I’d use the TED to tell me what comes out of my Inverter; my Tri-Star already tells me what is going into the batteries. Between the two, there should be a better indication on battery health such as useful life left.

    Looks like I'm not smart enought to paste a picture yet..........................
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    Yes, that is what the TED or any other home energy monitors does. AC side only.
    Good luck and please keep us posted.:)

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