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Discussion in 'Connecting to the Grid' started by Bob, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Bob


    what are 4 excellent grid tie inverters that will work well with 750 turbine..??? I will have batteries
    too. Would like to have the option of
    1 just grid tie
    2 just charge and dump
    3 charge and then grid tie....

    what do you think..??? only inverters that electric coops would be agree able with... very likely anyway..
  2. leamywind1

    leamywind1 WindyNation Engineer

    Hello Bob,
    Unfortunaly the "electric cops" only reconize UL inverters to my knowledge Your best bet is to purchase an Outback (GTFX) battery back up with grid tie capability. The 750 or any micro turbine usually under 2kw can not hit the input volatge of a UL inverter without batteries ( the Outback) or one other option is to tie multiple turbine in series. If you choose to bite the bullet like we have then your option is a China GTI which i might add, there is alot of info on this forum about.
    I hoep this helps:)

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