good motor for wind turbine?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Mike D, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I have a 180 volt dc 1750 rpm. 1.5hp 7.7 amps. permanent magnet motor. Doing the math it looks like it will be a good candidate for a wind turbine. Being that its 9.7 volts per rpm im figuring it should produce good power in lower winds. Can any one confirm this? Also a recommendation on blades for it. Being that its considered a low rpm motor do i need to use a blade set with more blades? Willl this equal more torque but less rpm? I know with fewer blades i would get a higher rpm but i dont think i want to be spinning too sure this is an easy question to answer for someone who has been doing this a while
    Thank you in advance mike
  2. leamywind1

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    Hi Mike,
    I am not sure on the blades but you may want to bench test it first if you have a way of spinning it up. Maybe you can hook it to what every you are powering like a bat bank or GTI and see how it does for you on RPM vs watts/volts/amps. You may also want to confirm the windings as not to force to many high amps through it if you are running at a lower voltage. Just my 2 cents. Please keep us posted.:)
  3. Andy R.

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    Yeah, like Larry said, a bench test like running the shaft with a hand drill or something with open volts without any load and then with some kind of load especially with the load that you plan to use should be a good place to start. If you have a tachometer to get the RPMs, that really helps.
  4. Hi, Mike
    nearly 1 year past what happend whit treadmill motor
    are you generating any power
    let me now i whant to build my slf one
    have treadmill 220 v 3hp 11 amps 3400 rpm what you think about it
    blades set up ??
    Thanks new here

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