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Discussion in 'Start here' started by TNSteve, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Hello, just joined this forum.
    Getting started with PV solar, have an outbuilding that we didn't want to run 300 yards of electrical wire to plus deal with lightning issues. System consists of:

    1 - 100W Renogy mono crystal panel
    Windy nation 30A PWM controller
    37AH AGM battery

    Loads powerd include
    3 - 15W LED light fixtures (1 on the controllers load terminals, 2 switched from the battery)
    Automatic chicken door
    12V water pump for the chickens & dogs (not installed yet)

    Everything seems to work except the switching of the load is erratic, have it set to come on for 3 hours at dark. Has to be really dark to turn on, but finding the lights on in the AM, have even seen them turn on in daylight. Is the panel voltage where "dark" is declared programmable? Chickens are getting neurotic, help appreciated!
  2. Tuicemen

    Tuicemen Solar Guru

    Since the lighting from the load terminals seems to be erratic why not look a placing them on a timer?
    Timers for 12 volts can be expensive but you could use something like this: link
    A look on ebay may find something even cheaper;)
  3. Why should he have to buy something else if the controller is suppose to have that feature? Just curious is all not trying to start something.
  4. Tuicemen

    Tuicemen Solar Guru

    He shouldn't have to get something else if the controller worked.
    Since it is erratic a timer would be cheaper then a new controller if it was not still under warranty.
    I'm not familiar with the controller so this was just a suggestion as some timers have multi settings.
  5. I agree he shouldn't have to buy anything else if the controller has that feature, which according to his post it does, and it is under warranty. I have the P20L controller and it is starting to mess up, but unlike his mine isn't under warranty so I will have to buy a new one. Hope you have a great weekend.

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