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Discussion in 'Windtura Generators' started by DonMcJr, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. DonMcJr

    DonMcJr WindyNation Engineer

    Ok I don't know a lot about all this generator stuff but wanna my question:

    I have an older gas generator that doesn't there a generator in it that would work for a wind generator or is it probally too high rpms and an AC motor?
  2. dlmcbm

    dlmcbm WindyNation Engineer

    Could it work for wind? Yes BUT they do run at high RPMs. Most run in the 3000-3600 rpms. If its a 240v generator you could make 12v @ around 180rpms but it would probably take some big blades and maybe even gear it to work. I guess it depends on how big of a project you want to make. As far as it being AC voltage thats what you want (windy nation generators are AC to) you just use a rectifier to change it to DC. I thought of this also with a inverter generator. Its like the Honda quiet ones. they use a PM motor for those but the rpms are just to high to work with for me.
    Hope this helps ya
  3. DonMcJr

    DonMcJr WindyNation Engineer

    Ok thanks I have a 90 v 5 amp @ 1750 rpms and I wanted to use the best motor for this project...the details are in my other "diy noob" post.

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