FYI using Kill-A-Watt to monitor power output

Discussion in 'Connecting to the Grid' started by dlmcbm, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. dlmcbm

    dlmcbm WindyNation Engineer

    Just an FYI I got a power inverter so I wanted to watch the output. I went down to the local Walmart and they did not have a kill a watt but had the same thing made by Hampton. It was cheaper at $20. DON'T GET ONE. for whatever reason they will not read the watts going back through it. I thought my inverter was bad till I bought a Kill a watt P3 today and it reads the output from the GT. I will be posting on the GT after I get some more number to see how it does.
  2. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer

    Thank you for that info so nobody wastes money in the future on one...
  3. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    Yup, the Kill-a-watt is the way to go.
    I've got one and like it.
    I find it especially helpful in determining my loads (adding up appliance use etc).
    Also great right at the inverter.


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