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  1. Ok I got the blades and tail on and tilted it back up , guess ill see how it does for now . I still have to bring wires in to house but my ditch is full of rain water right now .
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  2. the wind is 16 mph brake is on.
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  3. Well I decided to fly it like it is . 20 to 45 amps in 20 to 31 mph winds !
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  4. Up date ..... I wired it temporary straight to the dump load from rectifier to hold it in high winds because I didn't trust the brake to hold it without burning out . It was very quiet with only a very slight swosh sound from the blades , but after I wired it to the battery bank later it is making a kind of rattling noise sounds like some one rolling a ball bearing in a tin can . it's not suppose to sound like that is it ? ... it works very well, really puts out the amps but it making that noise . should I take it down and check the bearings ? It's only been up a month .

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