flyin HI.

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  1. here is the power plant part
  2. Minnesota

    Minnesota WindyNation Engineer

    Awesome Jon. Nice to see it pushing some power. What wall meter is that? Never seen that style before.

    BTW, I just crunched some numbers on that "top pole" and in high winds in might break. WN recommends 1.5" Schedule 80 and the guy wire at 40-inches. This matches well with my calcs. The Pole inches is that "top pole" above the last support point. A bending stress >22,000 psi will break the pipe. These charts are unfurled. You really don't want to see the 50 mph numbers!! I'd hate for you to lose the turbine. That is one reason why WN uses a furling mount - first to save the PMA from overproducing, and secondly so that a normal tower does not blow over.

  3. thanks minnesota i kinda thought i should beef it up ill get on it. Thing is powerin out tonight its nice and windy
  4. timber

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    Great setup Jon, good location with no obstructions should work out nicely for ya.
    Gotta love that road sign tail.
    What wire size do you have running from PMA to your panel?
  5. its 12/3 i already got yelled at for it lol but i just got 100 ft of some 10/3 that im guna double up ive been told this will do nicely.Its makin some good power cant wait to get the electric bill i pay 35 cents a kwh here on maui its nuts.Ive got about 150 yards of field in front also clear blowin ah yah.

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