Five blade TurboTorque with a Leeson 180V

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    Welcome to my learning CURVE ! Started with a 1000W. generator off EBay. This was good until I realized I would need winds from Hell to be able to create the rpm required to make usable energy. Next step was an Ametek 450 WATT. Now I was putting out usable hydro at 400 rpm. Where I live our winds are not killer winds, even off the lake our average would be light to moderate and then storm days. So I went looking again and then picked up a Lesson 180V and in theory I am now making 18v at 180 rpm. I was using the "black blades "( 6) Due to our light wind days I was just not getting the rpm to be making juice for my battery bank. Then I purchased the Turbo Torque 5 blade. Now I have start up at 3 mph. and kick in at 5 mph. No complaints at all, when we have our 8 to 12 mph winds I am making real good amps.

    This unit now provides my work shop with phone, lights, music and all the power tools I wish to use. I use a 12 V battery bank which is made up of 6V batteries wired in series and parallel. At the moment I am using 6 batteries from fork lifts. I am lucky as I have some friends who I asked to look for them in the city for me. I pay recycling fees on them and now have approx. 14 more waiting to be put to use. I will say more about them when I file a write up on my other tower.
    Blades, I know you probably can make some decent blades from the PVC pipe but as far as I am concerned, all the pipe I had been collecting for blades will now go to some other project. Since purchasing the Windy Nation blades, I just would not use anything else.

    [attachment=1:31j0fa7j]swivel base.JPG[/attachment:31j0fa7j]

    [attachment=2:31j0fa7j]Leeson 180V.JPG[/attachment:31j0fa7j]

    [attachment=0:31j0fa7j]facing the wind.JPG[/attachment:31j0fa7j]

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    Looks Good Murray! I'll have mine up with the new blades tomorrow and were supposed to get Southwest wind between 9 and 16 mph, with gusts as high as 24 mph. Perfect too no obstructions from the Southwest!!!

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