Enphase Wind Turbine

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    Enphase mocro inverters have bern in question by many if they can be used with micro wind turbines. I have been testing this question for a few years. The answer is yes. I have developed s controller to utilize thr inverters to work with the Windy Nation 750, 600w and 1kw HY or wind max wind turbines.
    The results are outstanding due to tbe inverter not oy being UL approved buy also 95% efficient. This now offers a better solution to the UL rules and better then thr Chinese grid tie inverters. Now we can all tie to the grid without buying s. Outbsck and battery system. How ever my controller can do both if required. The controller is built for a 24v turbine. It has l that is need gor a working system.
    If you have any questions please chime in.

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