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    JDREEDY WindyNation Engineer

    What are some of everyones ideas on electrical connections for wind/solar power setups?

    Junctions boxes, quick connectors, plug in adapters, fuse adapters, and etc.

    Connecting 2 or more solar panels together with the ability to add more later.

    Connecting wire from wind generator wire running down the mast.

    Battery connections from wind/solar to batteries or charge controller

    Electrical cord weather protection ideas?

    I'm sure there is a bunch of great ideas out there!

    Thanks for your input!

    Jay D Reedy
    Erin, TN

    JDREEDY WindyNation Engineer

    Here is a 2 Pole Flat Connector that I use for my solar panel.

    Found in the automve section of a Tractor Supply Store.

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  3. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer

    That is way to thin to maximize pushing dc. I use 4 guage car audio wire from each panel and have a juction box that the feeds a main wire in...I use all the high end gold plated connectors and junction bars. You will lose very little to resistance and over the long haul the extra juice will pay for itself many times over.. :D :D
  4. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    I think that 2 pole connector would be fine for connecting to solar panels that are ~100 Watts or less together. As long as you are not doing wire runs of 25 feet or more, it should be OK. Bluejay is right about long wire runs: you want to use heavier gauge wire especially if you are running DC (solar panels).

    You can always use a handy wire gauge chart:


    There are quick connects for solar panels with the wire already attached at pre-determined lengths. The problem is that they are overpriced in my opinion. But they do come in handy if you just want to get the job done clean and quick. If you are going to be doing a grid tie and having the electric company sign off on your install, then you pretty much have to use UL listed connectors like these.:

    http://www.simpleray.com/MC-Wires-w-int ... 102-00.htm

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  5. timber

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