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Discussion in 'Start here' started by Billy Stevens, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Question: The Windtura 750 came with the three bladed hub and blades, Do you think I would be better off if I used the 5 blade hub? My winds average 12-18 mph. I'm all grid-tied without batteries.

  2. Andy R.

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    Congragulations Billy, That was quick. How about a little update on the set? Are those "SunG inverters? You have 3 of them. Are they all the same watts hooked up in parallel for example?
  3. Yes they are all SunG 500 watt inverters for wind, 1 is 10-30 volts with dump and other two are 22-60 volt with dump. The two big ones have the "built in rectifiers" I don't catch before I ordered but seem to be working well. Waiting on my charge controller, I bought the Xantrex C60 Combo package. I have not had a good wind since I got it all put up so no data yet. They are all running in Parallel
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    Stick with the three blades. You should see some good numbers running the Windtur 750 into the SunG's. Now you just gotta wait for some wind ... It is never windy when you first put up a wind turbine. This always happens;)
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    Here is a video of the SuperAmp. It is a PMA that is optimized for 12 volt battery bank charging. It will not work on a 24 or 48 volt battery bank because it would require too high of an rpm to reach "cut in" (charging voltage) those battery banks.

    But for a 12 volt battery bank, it can really push out some serious amps! They will be available for purchase in about 12 weeks.
  6. Thanks Guru
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    Hey Billy,

    Did you get any wind yet? I am waiting to see a video of you getting 1000 Watts!
  8. Not much yet, but did get 24 gust today but was out of town so no video, I promise to up load wind vs watts as soon as I can.

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