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  1. Okay Folks I'm new at this stuff and would like to see a couple electric bills that show savings and please supply the size and type system {wind or solar} you are running. I see a lot of videos showing watts and volts and electronic meters spitting out large numbers, but not once have I seen a new electric bill vs an old electric bill and how much per amp or watts returned back to the grid has saved you. At .10 per kwh it should be easy to calculate. I'm not complaining because I love this stuff and have just bought a windtura 750 and just would like to know it anybody is saving much on their electric bill.
  2. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    I have a Effsun 300 and 600 watt turbine and 240 watts of solar.
    I average between 15-20 KWH per month so far. My average usage is 150 KWH per month is at 17 cents per KWH.
    So far not much savings. Of course I live in a low wind area and my solar is fixed and has some shading during the day. Solar should improve when I can put it up on the roof.
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    Hello Billy,
    First welcome. That is a great question. I save about 30% with wind and solar combined. No wind turbine by itself in the 1kw class is going to do much at all in my opinion. That is a fact for me. Most do it for fun/hobby. The turbines that do make a dent in someone's electric bill are 3-5kw turbines and up or a wind farm of 1kw's and there are no postings for 3-5kw turbines on this forum as far as i know.
    This is speaking of grid tie only.
    Solar is the way to go although wind can supplement the solar, you need more then one turbine to do so, at least for my electrical needs. I personally have 4 turbines. I also have 2kw of solar as well as other solar products in palce. Please see my vids for further info on what i am doing. A small system produces small watts. Battery or grid tied. There is no magic pma, blades or panels.

    If you have a battery back up system that gets used 10-20 times a year then you can bennifit from a WN 750 and or a few panels (sm system) since it is not being used day in and day out, only when it is called upon. That's my personal outlook on it.

    Here is a way to calculate your solar system size needed vs. your electric bill. I can not do this, this way for wind because wind is to unpredictable. Although i am installing a Kw meter just for my wind soon, i will get back to in a year for annual wind production at my site.

    My 4th turbine is not tied into my kW meter, just my 3 main ones on the house. The 4th one is a WN750 and i have not done much with it as i just finshed up with my mine 3. See my vid's on youtube
    "Leamy Electric"

    If you use 10,000 KW a year a 10kw system will be required. Times that by 1.2 and that is what your system will yeild per year in SRECS. To do 50% of a utlity bill that is 10kw per year, it would be a 5kw system. 25% would be a 2.5 kw system. Ect.

    I can not show you an old electric bill vs a new one because my system has been in for 3 years and growing.
    I should have saved the old bills. :( I just go by the Kw meter (below) i have in place which all system should have for grid tie. This registers all the combined solar and wind on the A/C side of the GTI before it goes into my electrical panel. So it's installed after the inverter and before my electrical panel. 240vac system. It has been about a year since i installed this meter. We use about 8,000 kw per year. I am hoping to increase this production to 4000kW/yr. in the next year.

    my kW meter.jpg
  4. I just started on my project. I'm like TomT up there I need to get mine up on the roof. Just toying with two panels (225w). I got 2amps back on the grid while sun was out then it started raining and went to 25watts to grid.

    Just waiting for parts.Think I made a good deal on the 8 panels I bought ($270 ea and free shipping). Should have made it an even 10.
  5. Okay folks thanks for the input, and for the members that don't know me, Kenneth Stevens is my brother and we both are new at this Wind and Solar stuff. I took the path of the wind turbine systems and he is doing solar panels, He lives in the city (Beaumont,Tx} and I live in the country on Galveston Bay Texas. We both have electrical backgrounds and both retired. Thanks Leamy I kind of guessed that a 750 watt gen wouldn't pay much of my bill, but I'm just tying to figure out how all this stuff works and love this site. My first mistake was buying a MWandS 1600 watt bad to the bone PMA. This thing was on a 30' tower and wouldn't put up 50 watts in a 38 mph wind, So I filed a dispute with ebay and got my money back without a fight! Hope to learn alot from this site and post my progress. I do have good winds and not to many trees. IMG_1106.JPG Again thanks Leamy and TomT your drawings and knowledge base is a great help.
  6. The picture is my backyard looking West. Maybe solar is the way to go!
  7. I think tracker plus reflected sun.
  8. leamywind1

    leamywind1 WindyNation Engineer

    Sorry to here about your MWS. good luck with that:eek:. You look like you do have a good site for wind/solar but you must ultimitly be the judge. I have a s#$% load of infro from my system on hear for wind. I am not sure what you want to do but if you are getting into this stuff then please save your money for the right components from the start. I recommend if you are going grid tie for solar Schott or Canadian solar panels 235w ea. and Enphase micro inverters. This set up makes it all plug and play. You can learn more about Enphase on their web site.
    Just a thought.:)
  9. One more thing were do you get schedule 80 steel pipe I tried Lowes and Home depot with no luck.
  10. leamywind1

    leamywind1 WindyNation Engineer

    Plumbing supply, junk yard, steel mill.
  11. windyguru

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    Try a shop that specializes in pipe (The kind a large contractor would go to who is laying water/irrigation/sewer pipe etc.) They will for sure have it. Lowes and Home Depot usually only stock SCH. 40.

    If you have a local metal shop, they will also carry it or be able to get it easily. If that fails, call up a welding/fabricator shop and ask them where they get their metal.

    I think I might be making this sound harder than it is. Ventura only has a population of 100K and there are five pipe shops in our town that stock schedule 80. Of course, there is a large amount of oil rigs off our coast that need service/maintenance and thus we have a lot of local metal shops, machine shops and fabricators :).
  12. Hey guy thanks I found some, steel supply co in Houston. Thanks Guru we too have large oil field work in this area, but Anahuac in 50 miles from Houston with a population of only 3700 and not one fab shop. Hey My Windtura 750 came in yesterday and I would like to post this video of the shipment being unpacked for all the newbes. Man was this thing packaged well and everything labeled. Very very nice job Windy Nation. I think I'll be a long term customer.
  13. Minnesota

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    Is that one of the 12V SuperAmp PMAs Billy?
  14. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    No, it is the 24V, Windtura 750. We only have one "final version" SuperAmp in stock. Should have about 100 SuperAmps in stock in about 10-12 weeks.

    We will hopefully have one "final version" 48V Windtura 750 in about 2 weeks ... if we have all the kinks worked out. We will put a video up of the 48V if it works as planned. If not, we will have to make changes and get another 48V produced.
  15. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    Nice video Billy! The audio is not working on my computer today so unfortunately I had to watch it as a silent video.:( Time to buy a new sound card for the computer.
  16. leamywind1

    leamywind1 WindyNation Engineer

    Thanks Billy, good times coming with that project:)
  17. Andy R.

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    That vid makes it look like it's much more worth it to just buy the "whole kit" instead of screwing around for a couple of years or more trying to figure things out. (I'll probably never learn LOL).
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  18. Minnesota

    Minnesota WindyNation Engineer

    It just looks like a shorter case.
  19. Hey Guru where do I find information on the new superamp turbine?
  20. 750 up and spinn'

    The extension cord is doubled on all three legs.

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