DPDT Wireless Remote Control Up Down Switch(review)

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Tuicemen, Dec 29, 2016.

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    I recently received one of these.
    I've yet to incorporate it into my setup but I just had to comment on it. after a test run
    This is designed to wire in line between your battery and the linear actuator for up down operation.
    I have tested it with an actuator and it works great.
    A press of the up button extends the actuator (if wired correctly),it will keep extending until it reaches the limit or you press the down button.
    A second press of the down button moves the actuator the opposite direction and will continue to move it until it reaches the limit switch or you stop it with a press of the up button.
    So it is possible to move the actuators to any position from fully extended to fully compressed.:cool:

    My reason for getting this was to incorporate it with the SunTura but it would work fine on its own. ;)
    If your solar array doesn't have a tracker but you have to move your arrays N/S position each season this would be a nice add.
    Also I believe this will be handy in areas that receive lots of snow, the right tilt can make snow removal an easy chore!;)
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