Do your blades only rotate clockwise?

Discussion in 'Blade Sets' started by windy_question, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. windy_question

    windy_question WindyNation Engineer

    Do your blades only rotate clockwise? My motor is set for counter-clockwise rotation!
  2. Our blades do not rotate counter clockwise (CCW). They rotate clockwise (CW).

    But for a wind generator, this should be of little importance. If your generator produces DC electricity and is built to spin in the CCW direction, you simply have to switch the leads to use the generator in the CW configuration. This means that your positive output wire will become your negative (ground) and the negative output wire becomes the positive output wire.

    If you are using a 3 phase AC generator, the solution is even easier. A 3 phase AC generator does not care which direction it spins so nothing needs to be changed!
  3. DonMcJr

    DonMcJr WindyNation Engineer

    So my question... how do you know which direction your motor is built to spin and what happens if you're spinning it the wrong way?

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