Do I need any additional diodes or anything to prevent overcharging?

Discussion in 'Wiring Methods' started by William Jones, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. This block diagram is my plan for integrating solar to my boat electrical system. I already have the generator, shore power, 2 separate battery banks and battery chargers installed and working properly. I was wondering if the P20L controller would be able to provide power to my D/C panel (when inverter battery is fully charged) and also if anything would get damaged when I switch to generator or shore power to charge the batteries?

  2. I created a thread for this as well in the installation forum but haven't received any replies/opinions from there.
  3. I'm not familiar with the p20l controller but I would power the dc panel from the battery bank with large cables .
    I also commented on your other post.
  4. Thank you Larry. So if I have a battery bank supplying the DC panel and add the controller load wires in parallel to the panel, would the PV controller charge the house battery bank when nothing else is switched on and the inverter battery bank is allowing some current to flow to the load side of the controller? I was thinking I could charge the house batteries (some) also when the load is active on the controller and the inverter battery was not demanding all the panel power.
  5. again I am not familiar with the P20L but I suspect the load function is only for small appliances like a light or something . most small cheap controllers have this function and its usually not used . I am a little confused why u have two battery banks on such a small system , I would combine the two banks into one larger one and then the order would be solar panels to charge controller to battery bank to inverter . and also from battery bank to dc panel to dc loads .
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  6. Thanks again Larry. The reason for 2 separate systems was mostly convenience for wiring. My A/C connections are made at the bow and I had ample space to add an inverter next to the breaker panel, auto transfer switch from shore power to inverter and 2 deep cycle batteries below the inverter. My DC house batteries were wired in the stern when I bought the used boat (new to me).
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  7. This is interesting, I have been powering our rural off grid homes with solar panels since 1993. I have always paid attention to the possibility of ultra thin, lightweight solar panels, that were flexible enough to mount on curved surfaces. There is one Home Depot in ElPaso, Texas, that has these panels for sale. I am going to the store later this morning, to buy a panel, and experiment with the unit.

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