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Discussion in 'Diode Installation' started by powerbloke, Dec 1, 2009.

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    I am about to assemble my generator components & will be using solar as well as wind ,& know I have to install a blocking diode on the solar side ,but was wondering if I need one on the wind side .I am installing 2 dump load resistors.I saw on an earlier post that a heat sink was recommended for the diode ,anyone have a diagram of that set up.Not having used a diode before am I correct in assuming the incoming power souce is connected on the spade side of the diode & is the nut & bolt side connected to the heat sink along with the continuing incoming power source.Is a fuse needed before the diode.Finally are there any good diagrams available to show the complete squence of connections for both wind & solar.Thanks in advance
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    You need to have a diode for the wind turbine also. Every generator (solar, wind, or hydro) needs a diode. If you look at the diode for sale in the store, there are instructions on how to install it. Also, if you look at the charge controller wiring instructions, this will give you a good idea of how everything should be wired up. All of your questions should be answered by looking at that wiring diagram.

    You should you use a heatsink to mount your diode. Just use any piece of thin metal that is at least 3x3 inches and you should be fine.

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