dc current reduction

Discussion in 'Wiring Methods' started by williamenck, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. you all helped me understand how a 110 volt dc generator will charge a large 24 volt battery bank at just above 24 volts. I don't quite understand how but the generator conforms to the battery bank. I realized i have a good 3kw ac generator from a portable gas generator. I want to connect it to my home made transmission to make my generator more powerful. My question is that if i use a bridge rectifier to convert 110 ac to dc, then will the same principle be at work? Will the 110 dc current "adapt" to a large 24 volt bank or will it remain at 110? I am unsure because i donkt understand the idea. Before, the generator was dc. Now, the generator is ac comverted to dc. Thanks for helping.

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