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  1. Please see a photo attached. I have ten 100-watt panels and 6 batteries in my system. I am using three P30L charge controllers and the damaged connector is the one that connects to four 100-watt panels. Any idea why it got so hot? IMG_7038 (2).JPG ntrollers
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    How were the panels wired?
    Series or parallel?
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  3. most over heating problems are ether bad connection or too small for amount of current .
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  4. Batteries are in parellal connection.
  5. TomT

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    That is what I was thinking too.
    With so many panels in parallel.
    With a pwm controller I would connect 2 in parallel.
    Then jump a wire size to the next set.
    Then again at the next set.
    I did one better here.
  6. TomT

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    I made a combiner box.
    Had 3 sets of two panels.
    I hooked all of them to a 6 gauge wire.

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