Connecting my PMA to a Charge Controller

Discussion in 'Windtura Generators' started by windy_question, Aug 24, 2009.

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    I want to connect my rectifier (regulator) to my PMA and I don't want to fry the coil on my PMA!? What wires do I connect from my PMA to my rectifier, without frying my rectifier? What wires on the PMA are hot?
  2. All three wires on the PMA are hot. The wires from the generator can go to any of the AC (~) wires on the rectifier.

    Just make sure the positive electrode (+) on the rectifier goes to positive electrode (+) on the battery, and that the negative electrode (-) on the rectifier goes to negative electrode (-) on the battery.

    As long as you do that right, you cannot hurt the generator!

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