Complete Suntura 400 Dual Axis Solar Tracker

Discussion in 'SunTura Solar Trackers' started by windyguru, Jan 26, 2011.

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  2. windyguru

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    The price of the complete Suntura solar tracker with solar panels will be going up about 20% in the near future. $1999.98 is an introductory offer price. If you are currently thinking of getting one, it would be a good idea to do it very soon.
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    Hi Josh,

    I'm interested in finding out the efficiency rating and warranty on the solar panels included with the complete tracker option. May opt to go with 125W panels instead, is there a price listed for the unit less the panels.
    Could always go with the kit but really like the mount that you offer.
    PM is fine regarding pricing etc. if this is doable but not a standard option.

    Thank you,

    Dave (timber)
  4. windyguru

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    The current price for the complete tracker without the solar panels is $850 + shipping. We would not drill the holes in the solar panel mounting arms for mounting the solar panels. You could drill your own holes to match your solar panels.
  5. timber

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    Great, thanks for the info.
    Just what the doctor ordered. Excellent product, value priced!
    It's appreciated! (Good to know the options.)


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