Combining WindTura 750 with existing solar installation

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  1. I received some excellent answers from customer support regarding adding a WindTura 750 to my existing solar rig. Hopefully, someone, somewhere will find this useful. BTW, the response from Windy Nation was prompt. Nice....


    I am currently living off-grid with a homebrew 1500 watt solar panel system in Mojave, CA and am very seriously considering adding a Windtura 750 to the mix. The average annual wind speed here is 5.2 m/s so it seems a shame not to jump into this.

    There are several questions I hope you can answer about integrating your wind turbine with my solar equipment.

    Current system:
    Panels @ 108V nominal into Morningstar TriStar 60amp mulitpoint power tracking charge controller. Three stage (bulk,absorbtion,float) charging.
    24 Volt battery bank. Total capacity 16.92 Kilowatt hours.
    All the solar equipment is appropriately fused and diode protected. Wire gauge/bus bars all oversized.

    My initial thoughts are to run the wind power to an appropriately sized rectifier, then diode. Then to another new 60 amp charge controller running in diversion control mode with a dump load. (Xantrex C60). Non dumped power will go straight to the battery bank. This is correct. You can use our 80 amp rectifier. Comment: You do not need to place a diode after the rectifier. The 3-phase AC rectifier has diodes inside of it.

    Q1. Should I use the same voltage set points on the new wind diversion controller for bulk/absorbtion/float? I really need to get this right as I have a huge investment in batteries and need to maximize their lifetime. Correct. The battery manufacturer needs to determine charging disconnect and reconnect voltages. Assuming your Morningstar is set appropriately, you should use the same settings on the C60.
    Q2. Are you aware of any issue with two parallel controllers "fighting" on the battery bank? I am especially concerned because the solar input is a solid DC and wind input will be just rectified AC. I am not aware of any issues. There should be no problems.
    Q3. What about isolation (extra diodes) between the wind and solar side? I am not positive here but I confident that no extra isolation is required. As long as the wind side is properly fused, then there will not be any problems with adding it to you system. You can ask Larry Leamy on our forum this question to double check. He is a licensed electrician and does professional wind and solar installations for a living. This question would be a no-brainer for him.
    Q4. Is there a better way to do this? No, the method that your are proposing is exactly how I would do it.
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