Chinese Inverters

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  1. Posting this out there for what it's worth.... Hopefully someone else will benefit.

    I have 3 Chinese GTI's: 2 Sun 1000 and 1 KLNE 5000.

    To date:

    The first Sun 1000 GTI I bought 10 months ago already is making a very loud noise when the fan kicks on, I suspect the bearings are shot. So unless I replace the fan soon it will likely overheat and smoke some circuitry/chips inside.

    Inverter: Sun 1000
    Overall satisfaction (0-10, 10=best) = 5
    PROS: The inverter is super simple to setup and get going and cheap.
    CONS: The efficiency is way-over inflated, with over 1200 watts of panels I've seen ~700w max at solar noon on a clear day.

    Inverter: KLNE SunTeams 5000
    Overall satisfaction (0-10, 10=best) = 4
    PROS: Half the cost of SMA or similar high quality inverters
    CONS: Poor documentation, poor connectors (can't wire 8 gauge wires directly the terminal lugs are two small). Poor quality control, first inverter I got was DOA, second inverter is having other random fault issues.

    Post your experience with Chinese inverters, perhaps my experience isn't the norm, or perhaps it is.

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