Charge Controller with multiple wind turbines

Discussion in 'Charge Controllers' started by WindyFAQ, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. WindyFAQ

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    Can you connect multiple windturbines at the same time?

    Can the windturbines be different power levels say one is 50 watts and one is 25 watts and so on?

    How does this connect to one Grid Tie?
  2. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    Yes but it Depends on if your wind turbines have an AC or DC output and which Grid Tie Inverter you use.
    If your turbines are PMA's (Permanent Magnet Alternators) with AC output then you can connect each to a rectifier to get DC then combine the two DC outputs to one DC input Grid Tie Inverter.
    If your wind turbines output DC (some smaller turbines have the rectifier onboard) then you should be able to connect them directly to a DC input (two Input connections) Grid Tie Inverter.
    Note; Some Grid Tie Inverters are set up for AC input (Three Input connections). You need to determine your turbine outputs and inverter input type (AC or DC) before you make any connections.

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