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    At long last I've got the solar part of my system up and running...
    It consists of a home made (of course) solar panel comprising 90 0.5Vdc cells arranged in 3 banks of 30 wired to produce around 15Vdc, coupled to a Windy nation 40amp charge controller with 30amp relay charging 2 x 12Vdc 210Ahr Lifeline sealed batteries with a 300watt dump load.
    I fired up the system about 17:00 today in the south west of the UK on a cloudy day and it's producing almost 16Vdc.
    I connected the charger and the relay as per the installation instructions and wired in the dump load and diode (there is a 30amp diode in the isolator switch you can see in the pictures.
    Although the panel is putting out just under 16Vdc the batteries don't appear to be charging. I followed the setup instructions to the default cycling mode settings and it worked fine, the green light is on indicating the batteries are charging but I don't get any reading from the battery terminals to confirm this and when I take a reading at the load terminal (pin #30) on the relay it reads at 1Vdc?
    Everything is wired correctly but I notice the relay is 30amp 14Vdc, would it be a problem to put more than 14Vdc through this component? or is there another reason for not getting a charge reading?
    Would appreciate any advice...
    Many thanks

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