Can this be repaired?

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  1. Below is a picture of part of the board of my Sun 22-60v 1kw GTI I managed to cook last week. I wasn't around when it happened so I'm not sure exactly what caused it, but we had some very strong (50+) winds and my dump load maybe wasn't sufficient. I'm looking at some alternatives next time around (e.g. Tom's dump load controller setup). Below that is a picture of the same portion of the board on my (working) Sun 10-30v 1kw GTI for comparison.

    As you can see, it appears part of the board on the 22-60 has been burned away (the reverse side of the board appears fine, however). Nothing else on the 22-60 appears to be damaged/defective.

    Is this repairable, maybe with some creative extra wiring in lieu of the damaged portion of the board? I'm not even sure what those burned-away components are (R7, R86 and R85)... ?


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    Hi PW,

    Repairing Surface Mounted Circuit Boards is difficult at best for experienced technicians but can sometimes be accomplished with a soldering iron.
    I think Minnesota may have done some work on his GTIs, perhaps he may have some information regarding any possible outcome.
    May be worth giving it a try if you have or can get the components. I would assume those are resistors but I couldn't tell you their value.
    Best of luck if you do attempt such a repair, I hate to discourage you but I think it's likely that those two components are not the only damage.
    You certainly don't want to create a situation where this becomes a fire hazard.
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  4. Minnesota

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    Q21 also looks like it was burned to a crisp.
  6. Hmmm...good catch. That's on the photo of the "good" (?) 10-30v 1kw inverter though...looks like that needs to be replaced as well : /


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