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  1. According to manual using diversion setup I have my wind turbine and solar hooked directly to battery then to controller then to (windy nation) diversion load.

    My ? I have read more then once that connecting PV straight to battery will shorten its life. Was wondering if anyone on here is using this setup and if so has had any problems
  2. TomT

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    No, You can hook it up that way. As long as you have the C60 hooked to the battery in diversion mode. It will keep it from over charging and ruining the battery.
  3. Ok just want to make sure thanks Tom
  4. NEOH

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    I would not connect the PV Panel straight to the battery bank ...

    First ...
    I would make sure there is a Blocking Diode somewhere in the Red Positive cable coming from the PV panel.
    Without the Blocking Diode the PV Panel could discharge your battery bank every night.

    Second ...
    I would add a DC Solar Disconnect Box with a DC Fuse or a DC Circuit Breaker in the Positive Red wire for safety reasons.
    Do not use "AC Only" rated type equipment.

    Third ...
    The positive battery terminal should be connected directly to and only to a DC Fuse or DC Circuit Breaker.
    Then all of the other devices: Solar, Wind, Load Dump Controller, Inverter connect their positive red wire to the other side of the Battery's Fuse or Circuit Breaker.

    Lead Acid batteries can supply hundreds of amps when shorted.
  5. I have a diode on the pos cable and it does go to a cir brk before the diode
  6. Somebody needs to go to MidNight Solar and study. I ordered mine thru Northern Tool. Midnight won't sell to us smucks.

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