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    Hi Beach:

    Wind quieted down so I was finally able to take a photo of the wiring at the AP box you asked about.
    I know you will be able to identify the port that takes two inverters and the others being single inverter posts.
    I down sized to # 12 wire to make it happen. Or at least I thought I down sized ! Just do not know how I could have fit any more or a larger size wire into those ports.

    I wrote to Marcel and asked him about wiring in the two extra inverters and what wire size he was recommending.
    Will let you know when or if he responds. .

    I also asked him about my Wind 750 braking his 1000 watt inverters. Question : was the Windy just to powerful or were the SWEA to weak ? & is there a solution. You will need to know this when you set up your 500 to those inverters.
    mert is doing good and says hi to you.

    [attachment=0:3k8tr9dt]wiring AP Box.JPG[/attachment:3k8tr9dt]

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    I just sent you a private email with a picture Marcel sent me of the SWEA inverter with a 6 box setup. This email also has Marcel's recommended steepness settings. I'm not sure how he wired the 2 extra boxes into the control. Thanks for the pictures.
  3. Murry, Did you ever test the 5 blade Wind Grabber with the WN 500 PMA. Dan

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