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    Something for more feedback on.
    It has been a year of learning.
    Now for what I think will end some of this.
    This should help explain it for the newbies and some of us others.
    If you are trying to get the right blades for your system. You need to look at Blades - Generator- Load
    Windy nation has the 12 volt and 24 volt battery setups down well. BUT...............
    When it comes to grid ties the whole thing goes out the window.
    Grid Tie Inverters are a variable load. The more power available the greater the load on the Generator. :geek:
    Since I have gone to the Boast Buster 3 Blade 5 ft setup on a 22-60 volt inverter I started seeing output at 8 mph. They have the torque and rpms to get the job done.
    Now for the other part. There is a load drop on the turbine at 22 volts.
    That is why I only get 1/3 the output when I hook it to the 10.8-30 volt Grid Tie. It is always sitting around 12 volts.
    Now things are starting to come together.
    That is why I always see 7FT 5 blade setups and 8.5 ft 3 blades setups on 500w systems. High output on a 10.8-30v Grid Tie comes down more to torque than rpm to get the best output. Even in low winds. BECAUSE the load is constantly changing. More power more load on the Generator.
    Good Luck To All !!!!!!

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