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    I unfortunately bought a mega shark Max 650 Watt 24 V DC Wind Turbine Generator System New. It seems good but with 3x 23 inch blades; I have been though two gales and they will hardly spin. They sell other hubs with more blades that I would be happy to pay for but there is no reply to my email.
    Will the large 80" rotor blades work for my motor?
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    We are always disappointed to hear about customers buying green products that are simply sold with misleading labels. To call an 11-pound wind generator like the MegaShark a "650 Watt" generator is simply the height of dishonesty. It stuns us that sellers like this are able to prosper when so many of their customers come to the realization quite quickly that this turbine cannot produce that amount of power in winds that are anything less than hurricane strength.

    The answer to your question is that you will waste your money buying our 80-inch rotor, and they will probably destroy your generator anyway because they will subject your generator shaft to forces it was probably not designed to handle. If you really want to squeeze a little more performance from this generator, please consider our 24-inch TurboTorque or our 28-inch HyperSpin blades. However, please note that you will not produce anywhere near 650 Watts with this generator. This is a 200 Watt generator in a best case scenario and we are appalled that eBay sellers and manufacturers call it anything other than that.

    If you have any questions, please consider posting them on our Community Forums at Please visit our website and check out some of our articles, including this one which tries to explain basic concepts of generators to prevent customers from buying duds like MegaShark:

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