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Discussion in 'Blade Sets' started by Jose O cruz, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. hi i have a pm motor of 410v dc and 490wats
    i dont have rpm specs but right now i am using 24 in" high rpm blade set in 24 volt configuration and works very well.
    ok this motor have a long shaft that i can hook 2 or 3 motors in line and use as a 1 big motor
    connecting the outputs of the motors in series to step down the rpm cut voltage (lower the rpm to get to the 24 charge volts) the question is i use 2 or 3 of these motors in line what type of blades sets i will use ?
    i live in Puerto Rico in a mountain about 450ft above the sea level the normal wind speed is about 5 to 15 mph with gust of 23+ mph in the afternoon .
  2. photos of the motor 2011-11-11%2019_53_48.jpg 2011-11-11%2019_53_48.jpg 2011-11-11%2019_54_09.jpg

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