best machine for a less than perfect location?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by GMR, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. GMR

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    I have a seaside property with a steep bank down to the water. The trees are about 70 feet tall at the top of the bank. I can't put a wind turbine above teh trees because the eagles osprey etc cruise back and forth just above the trees. And the folks in houses behind me would be out with a chainsaw the very first day I put something in their view plane. The majority of the wind comes from one general direction and right up the bank so I have a micro-wind set up there now, about 15 feet off the ground. This would be fine but the output per unit is just too small. I also have flagging tape on many of the tree trunks to watch the air movment. I know one big machine is usually better than several smaller ones but I would like to consider using two of your 500 watt machines. These would be almost fixed, maybe 30 degrees of rotation allowed.
    Can you comment on this and suggest which blade set would be best? Low start up speed and smaller diameter would be nice.
  2. windyguru

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    Hi GMR,
    To be honest, if you do not have access to good wind then you are better off not putting up a wind turbine.

    I suggest you purchase an anemometer. Record the wind speed at the site(s) and height that you want to erect your turbine. If you can get an average wind speed of at least 7-8 mph, then you can consider putting up a WN 500 Watt PMA.
  3. GMR

    GMR WindyNation Engineer

    Thanks for the advice. I am installing a battery bank and everything I need for backup power anyway and adding a turbine will cost much less than some of these other components. After reading your response I am reconsidering the placement and configuration I spoke of. I am looking at a spot a little higher and closer to the water to use a somewhat larger single machine.
    I am more interested in taking advantage of all the options here (solar, wind, heat) than I am about payback time and I will work to maximise the potential for this site without having unrealistic expectations about the turbine output. I've learned a lot just from reading this forum.
  4. okiezeke

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    I have a similar situation with low average wind speeds. After looking at a lot of machines available it became obvious that the added cost of a larger generator is not justified. I just dont have enough wind to ever see 1 or 2 KW produced. Since smaller gens produce the same power as large ones at 15-20mph, I am better off buying 2 or 3 small machines for the same cost as one large one. Of course, I'll have to have 2 or 3 towers, but materials for my first tower, a fifty footer, were only about $400.
  5. murray2paddles

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    can you share more info on your 50 ft tower, size of pipe, how you raise / lower etc , thanks

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