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  1. Thanks for that Leamy, that's very helpful, I was told that 30% depletion was the best way to go to get the best life from the battery bank??
    I have done a few computations myself based on a 12v system (I like 12v as its simple) and here are the results...see if you agree:
    14 x 100ah 12v deep cycle lead acid batteries
    =1400ah x 12=16.8kwh x 30% usage= 5kwh available per day

    I thought to start with doubling the solar and see how we go....
    14x100w (80w actual)= 1120w per hour x 5hr of sun= 5.6kw/day

    I haven't factored in 3 days power storage as I was going to have a generator back up to run a battery charger to keep the bank topped up on low power production days.
    The extra solar panels will cost €120 each=€840
    14 batteries €120 each=€1680
    charge controller 440 amp 10,000 watt big enough for expansion €400
    Inverter low frequency 3000watts -peak 9000watts €600
    Cables, connectors, transfer switch for fuse box, estimate €300
    Estimated total cost €3800

    I have a small caravan for sale that will hopefully pay for most of this.
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    You got it. Yes 30% DOD is better then 50%, that is just a standard to use. It does not seem like you need any help. Great work. Keep us posted.
  3. I watched a video on youtube the other day on making your own solar panels, it looks fairly easy as you can get the cells off of ebay for cheap money, but over all do you think it is worth making them yourself or paying the extra for factory made?
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    Buy factory made....................hands down!!
  5. I would agree, get the factory made. You would never be able to make a panel that is as good, the robots can be so much more accurate, with the placing of the cells and the cell connections. Plus if anything doesn't work you should also have a guarantee to fall back on.
  6. I'm using Li-Po batteries my self, running them in a camper, at 12 volts and 318 Ah at the moment but should be expanding them shortly to around 500 Ah give or take.
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