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  1. While I am looking at getting a windtura 750 at least to start I know I can use a 12v or 24v battery bank. The 12v would start charging at a lower wind speed but if I can get the wind speeds 24v is better. My question is if I get a larger wind turbine that has a 48v and up voltage delivery would I still be able to use the 12v or 24v battery banks or need to build a 48v battery bank?

    Since if I do go to a larger wind turbine as my main I will most likely setup the windtura in another location and continue to use it, it just probably will not be as high.

    Thank you just researching, researching, researching and looking to the future.
  2. Minnesota

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    Most turbines rated at over 1000w operate at 48V to keep the current down, as it is the current that leads to high losses and excess heat in the generator. By forcing these turbines to operate at 12V or 24V because of the battery bank, will lead to high currents, poor performance, and eventual damage to the generator. You should be able to reconfigure to a 48V battery bank when the time comes.

    You will be happy with the Windtura, and if you have decent wind, 24V will give you top performance.
  3. Andy R.

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    Minnesota said:

    "You will be happy with the Windtura, and if you have decent wind, 24V will give you top performance."

    I'm kind'a thinking about 48 volts for a grid tie system only because my wire runs would need to be maybe 200 feet or more. I've seen Minnesota's vid on wire gauges and it seems like 12 or 24 volts would run too hot without massive wire gauges. I'm a fan of the sun G's that you see around here.

    Am I correct about needing high voltages for a longer wire lenth?

    Could one of the Sun G's handle 48 volts in some way shape or form?
  4. Minnesota

    Minnesota WindyNation Engineer

    The problem with 48V is the Windtura is not designed to hit and maintain that voltage. Match the turbine and the battery bank and use the fattest wire you can afford.

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