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    The Watt Meter requires a 4-60 volt DC power supply to turn "on". The attached wiring diagram shows how to incorporate a battery into a grid tie system.

    The battery is only used to power-up the Watt Meter.

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  2. Just got a new watt meter, works great aside for one thing. I can't reset it with the auxillary power plug. Down loaded the owners manuel and can not make it work the way the book says. I would like to zero it every morning and get one days report. Dan
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    Can you put a manual reset circuit breaker in between the Watt Meter and the battery? Simply turn the circuit breaker "off" and then "on" real quick and it will be reset.
  4. Dosen't work, Already tried it. If the wind turbine or the solar panels are putting out any voltage it stays on. I have to disconect all three. They are hard wired in, takes awhile.
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    It should clear all the memory on the Watt Meter if you disconnect the Watt Meter from the battery bank, unless you have the Watt Meter hooked up to an auxiliary power supply. When you disconnect the Watt Meter from the power supply, the only thing that should show on the LCD screen on the Watt Meter is volts. And it will only read volts if you have volts coming in from a wind turbine or solar panel.
  6. I stand corrected, I does reset if you disconnect the battery from the unit. I wanted to put in a push button on pins 1 & 3 like the instructions say.

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