Adding a Park to the Suntura?

Discussion in 'SunTura Solar Trackers' started by Tuicemen, Nov 30, 2016.

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    The key to getting a tracker to survive strong winds is the ability to park the tracker in a position of least resistance. (this is pointing straight up)
    I understand many have been requesting and looking for ways to add this feature.
    The current method is to use the push buttons to set the position then remove power till dangerous winds have passed. This is fine if your always home and can monitor wind 24/7. But who can do that?
    I was wondering if anyone had successfully added a park feature and if so how?
  2. Tuicemen

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    Depending on the way a tracker is designed will dictate how difficult it is to add a park option to the SunTura
    A tracker that spins on the Azimuth (East West axis) and tilts north to south, is easier to park then one that tilts east west and north south.
    [​IMG] I've managed to come up with several park options for this type of tracker design.
    Since my tracker is based on the design pictured above I haven't worked out the extra steps needed for a dual tilt designed tracker.
    My upgrade modifications only parks the north south tilt allowing the tracker to still spin east to west.
    I started to post how to threads for anyone that wishes to perform these modifications as a DIY project.
    However It was pointed out that there are many that may wish a park but not comfortable doing the upgrade modification to the Suntura.
    I'm contemplating offering to do upgrade modifications for those that request it.
    The major cost I suspect will be shipping, of coarse that depends on all what is requested.:rolleyes:
    And yes, a wind triggered park is possible.
  3. Has adding the park feature to the dual axis suntura controller been done?
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    The park option is a DIY project WindyNation I'm told doesn't plan to add this to the suntura. I have mine rigged up so I can do it via voice control Alexa or Google or use a manual switch. i have one array set so I can lock the east west the other array the north south. Ive not attempted to do one which will lock both.
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