Adding a Park switch to the SunTura

Discussion in 'SunTura Solar Trackers' started by Tuicemen, Dec 24, 2016.

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    I know many are looking for away to add a park feature to the SunTura.
    I was planning on adding a simple toggle switch to turn On/Off the SunTura for when I do maintenance on my tracker. However while playing with ideas for parking I figured a simple toggle switch would work too.
    This will require some soldering skills but luckily the circuit board isn't to difficult to work with.
    Things you'll need:
    1: A fine tipped soldering tool
    2: Electrical solder and flux (not plumbers stuff)
    3: Philips screw driver to open/close case
    4:One toggle or rocker type switch
    5: One mini relay 12 volt if your powering with 12 volt, 24 volt if your powering with 24 volts
    6: 2 short pieces of wire 1 Black and 1 red so you don't mix up + and -, 1 foot of each will be plenty
    Gauge should be no bigger then that which feeds the SunTura (14 I believe) you can use smaller gauge for wiring to circuit board
    7: Wire snips
    8: Drill and bit sized to allow switch to fasten to control box.
    6: Electrical tape , glue or both

    Total cost: under $25 , cheaper if using 12 volt relay.
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  2. Tuicemen

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    Once you have all parts required remove power and open the electronics case.
    do a dry run plan the placement of the switch and where the relay is to go.
    An automotive relay will fit but you may need to remove the spare fuse.
    I found that side of the circuit board best for the relay in any case.
    The switch can be mounted over the fuse in use I choose that location as there was less likely to have any water entering the case then if mounted to the side or top.
    With the locations planed you can mark and drill the hole required for the switch.
    Step 2:
    Remove the fuse and cut a short piece of wire which will go from the switch to the protected side of the fuse holder and replace fuse
    Step 3: mount the switch and connect the short wire to one terminal
    Step 4: Cut a piece of red wire long enough to reach from the switch to the relay and attach one end to the free terminal on the switch

    Step 5:Next cut a piece of black wire that will reach from the relay to the black lead located by the fuse.
    Connect one end to that black wire either opening the grommet and crimping both wires to it, or soldering it, the other end goes on the relay.

    On the circuit board locate the 4 pins of the N/S Up button. Cut 2 pieces of wire long enough to reach from there to the relay.
    solder one end of each wire to the pins shown
    these two wires need to go to the pins on the relay which are normally open (not connected)
    depending on what type relay you have will depend on the pins you attach each to.

    Step 6: Fasten the relay in place (tape, glue screw) you don't want this to bounce around and short things out.
    It is a good Idea to tape up the wire connections on it in any case.
    Step7: before you close up the case apply power and test. If all goes well you can close up and mount the controller.
    If nothing happens when you flip the switch or the N/S actuator moves fully one way no mater which way the switch is flipped then you have the relay wired wrong. Hot melt glue works well

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