"AccuMax meters" are "froze-up"

Discussion in 'Start here' started by John J Love, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Our 2 Windy Nation "AccuMax (amp) meters" keep "freezing-up"! In THIS condition, will they still allow "amperage" to flow-thru them at the full, "input/source" capacity? So that We won't have to keep disconnecting & reconnecting their power sources- EVERY DAY? If they can be left for a period of several days, "frozen-up"- then We'd just as soon leave them "connected", even w/o them giving Us an operational display! At least that way We could unhook & then re-hook them up to get an "occasional" amp reading (maybe once per wk). Hopefully w/o losing any continuous, amp output into Our battery load, while meters are frozen-up?
  2. Wow I don't know what to tell you . I have two of the old windynation watt meters that still work on my solar but I use old school analog amp meter on my wind turbine cause it's easier to read .

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