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Discussion in 'Start here' started by goingbroke, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. goingbroke

    goingbroke WindyNation Engineer

    Fist of all I would like to say thank you to all in this forum. I have looked at many forums, this is the best I have come across. The information is great, the members are more than willing to help. It seams like a family. What I have learn so far is I have been trying to start out to big. What I need to do is start small to learn the basic then progress from there. And as much as I hate to say this here, I think it would be best for me to start with a small solar and work my way into wind. And I see you do have information for solar. Seeing I am going to switch gears I have a Swea Grid Tie Inverter Wind Generator starter Kit + a 250 Watt Extension Kit that I do not need. This is new if any one is interested let me know............
  2. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    Hi Goingbroke,

    I'd try to base my decision based on whether you have access to unobstructed wind or sun rather than the size of your system at first. Perhaps a tower is the issue but I would imagine that if you have a clear shot at the wind it may a good bet in Michigan vs the solar. On the other hand if you have no obstructions in the Southern sky from east to west with little wind then how about solar with a tracker.

    The fact that you have what sounds to be the lions share of a very nice wind system would pull some weight if it were me.
    If you need any help getting your system configured or constructed, there are many here that can help. If it were me, I'd try to get that turbine flying, a tilt-up pole is pretty easy to construct and not very expensive.

    You are right in that it helps to get the basics down before going full scale but you can learn these as you progress with your turbine also. I'd just hate to see you lose money by selling your current system, I doubt you will get what you put into it in the first place.

    Just some things to think about, good to see you posting, ask all the questions you want, it is a very helpful bunch here.

  3. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    I'm curious, what is a 250W extension kit?
    Maybe I'm having a brain fade but I'm not sure what that is.

  4. BeachBum

    BeachBum WindyNation Engineer

    SWEA of the Netherlands sells a grid tie inverter “starter kit” that comes with a control box, rectifier, dump load, and a 250 watt programmable inverter designed to be plugged directly into a wall socket (not recommended by me). You can purchase more 250 watt “extension boxes” that are stackable, and will allow you to incrementally add to your system up to 4 boxes, a total 1KW as your system grows. Depending what chips you install, you can mix and match these extension boxes to work with solar or wind. The idea was that this system could be adapted to fit most any size turbine, or array of turbines under 1KW, or mixed combinations of wind and solar in one system. It is a great idea, but they can be very frustrating to program. If you are interested in more information, ask Murray, he has one of these units for sale. Leamy has a lot of experience with this unit also, and has a great video on YouTube about the SWEA units. I’ve included a link to eBay that describes the SWEA setup. Hope that answers your question. http://cgi.ebay.com/Swea-Grid-Tie-I...198?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a619a34de
  5. goingbroke

    goingbroke WindyNation Engineer

    Hi every one, Thanks for all your replies. And you are right Timber about Michigan not a much sun around here in winter. Maybe it is just cold feet, lack of knowledge or lack of funds or all of the above. I will keep reading all of the posts on here. And maybe I will figure it all out.

    Thanks All
  6. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    Hiya Beach,

    Thanks for explaining the SWEA setup, I've seen posts about them but never paid much attention since I was not doing the grid-tie thing. This really helps clear things up, it's appreciated! I'll watch the video. So I take it that with the SWEA inverter you still need a charge controller/ diversion between the turbine and the inverter, right?


    When I read your post I thought you had a grid-tie inverter and a WindyNation "Wind Generator starter Kit" so it's not quite so big of a deal in changing your path at this juncture. I'm sure that there is enough solar potential there if you have the clear southern half of the sky free of obstacles. You should do what feels right, try not to get discouraged with wind systems though, they have some great potential as well if you can get them well above home and trees etc. Best is a hybrid system solar and wind for a long range goal.
    Best of luck in whatever route(s) you go.

  7. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer


    Just re-read your first line, controller/ dump included ... "nevermind" (as Gilda Radner would say).


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