90 Volt 1750 RPM Fincor Magnetek

Discussion in 'Windtura Generators' started by x205-sli5, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. x205-sli5

    x205-sli5 WindyNation Engineer

    i was wondering if this would mak a good wind gen.? here is specs.

    Speed (rpm) 1750
    Speed Gear Box RPM 254 rpm estimated
    Motor HP 1 hp
    Volts 90 VDC
    Amps 14.84

    Gear Ratio 6.89:1
    Length XH (inch) 25''

    Weight (lbs) 41.6 lbs
    Gear Box Mfg. Nord 02-C56C
    Shaft 3/4''
    What blad set should i use im in a 5.1m/s average wind zone?
    also i have 2 missouri wind pma,s not happy with the plastic blads or the falcon blads i have for them, do you have recomendation on what blad sets. one is suposely 500 watt and the other 1000 watt.
    Im thinking about purchacing a 2000 watt WindMax have any of you guys had deallings with this turbine????
    Ive have learned alot from reading this forum thankyou for letting me join.
  2. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    Well, with the gear ratio you have set-up, you could potentially make a lot of power with this motor. It would work just fine as a direct drive unit with five HyperSpin blades, but with the gearing you should use our largest blade set.

    I would recommend our 5 blade Wind Grabber set. This will deliver a lot of power and the five blades will provide extra torque, which will compensate for the extra drag created by your gears/pulleys.

    For the Missouri turbines you have, the problem may not be the blades. It just might be the actual PMA's you purchased. These are "re-wound" Delco car alternators with high strength neodymium magnets. Thos PMA's are actually manufactured by Hydrogen Appliances (In fact, the entire wind turbine is manufacture by Hydrogen Appliances):


    It is my opinion that their power production claims are grossly over stated. Delco car alternators are limited by their size. You can only fit so many magnets and copper into a Delco car alternator. And at realistic wind turbine rpm's, these alternators just can not produce that much power, unless you live in area where your average wind speed is 30 mph (I know of no inhabitable place on planet earth that has that kind of average wind).

    A Delco PMA weighs 12 pounds. Our PMA weighs 25 pound. Their slant core PMA has 7 neodymium magnets. Our PMA has 19 neodymium magnets of the same size and quality. Our PMA has more copper than any Delco PMA. And our PMA is rated at 500 Watts. Sounds suspicious doesnt it?

    They are good units but the power ratings are overstated in my opinion.

    Furthermore, if you find that the thin black plastic blades or the Falcon blades are not turning your PMA well in low winds, I am not surprised. They lack torque and torque is what you need. Sure, those blades are designed to spin fast .... Really Fast... but what good is speed without torque. You do not use a Ferrari to tow a heavy low and you should not use a blade that is designed for speed to charge a heavy load. There needs to be a balance between torque and speed. Hell, a kid's pin wheel can spin at several hundred rpm's but how well is it going to turn a PMA hooked up to a battery bank?

    So, if your problem with the blades is with their performance in low wind, try our five HyperSpin blades with 17 mm hub. And if it does not help, just return the blades for a full refund minus shipping. But, if your problem is the power production of the PMA's in good wind (greater than 15 mph), then there is not much you can do except purchase larger PMA's.

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