750 up for 1 month production update

Discussion in 'Connecting to the Grid' started by JonGreen, Jul 21, 2012.

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    I can't believe your cost of electricity. That makes wind much more attractive. How well are those 2 GTI's working together? Can you add a 2nd meter to see how well they compare?

  2. ill get another 1 wanted another anyway for the new solar panel would be nice to compare em. Maui burns 700 barrels of oil A DAY so anything i can do to slow that bullshit down im all about. We did just get 14 more giant windmills bringing the total up to 34 here eliminating 70 barrels a day now so it's a start.
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  3. Jon- can you update your production since your last post? How reliable has your system been?


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    OMG $0.37/kw hr. We are at about $0.12.Wind is certainly usefull for you. Time to get more wind and solar bro. LOL

    Yes, I also would love to see any updates you can provide. it sems like you are getting great production from one turbine. Nice work and good luck.:)
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  5. update well its been awhile now winmill (winning) still going strong ive had da thing running on just 1 of the 500 watt gti's for months now because i got a 230 watt solar panel and am using 1 for that. (on a side note ive seen 260watts on the kill-a-watt meter a couple of times off that panel) the 1 500 watt gti holds that winmill down it dumps at about 470 watts (dumps alot) but seems to be working fine tho im getting 1/2 the output. these gti's r tuff. i bought 2 of the 24 volt 300 watt dump coils from windy nation hooked them up and on the first dump fried the dump controls on 1 of the gti's (another reason for running the solar panel on it solar dont need a dump)I was told to wire them in series instead of parallel but dont under stand how to do that because i didnt think it mattered what side of the dump coil saw what. so im still using my hho fuel cell which works great but want it back for other projects. ive had super crazy wind here and have no furling on my winmill and she is going strong still. and still running the 2 small 12/3 wire. getting the 1000 watt gti for x-mass and have a bunch of 10/3 wire that im guna double up. yah so we should be optimized in another month r so. POWER BILL HAS BEEN 100 BUCKS LESS FOR ABOUT 5 MONTHS WITH THE WINMILL RUNNING AT 1/2 PRODUCTION AND 1 PANEL!!!
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    Wow grat update. Please let us know more ansd congrads!!

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